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Online marketing is considered to be one of the most popular methods of marketing. But the sheer number of mobile users dwarfs the potential of an online marketing campaign. As mobile phone users are more in number, the effectiveness and the eventual success of a mobile marketing campaign would be far stronger than what you could expect from an online marketing campaign, which still is a very popular method of marketing today.

Mobile App Development

We help you create a seamless experience for your web applications on handheld devices using responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3.

Mobile Websites services

As a full-service agency, we offer a range of mobile web services. This includes mobile design, strategy, and application development.

Push notifications

Increase daily visits by sending push notifications to your readers


Application is developed based on latest Android and iOS standards.

  • Simple and fast integration with open source platforms
  • Very fast integration with open source solution via json.
  • We are 100% ready for WordPress via REST API.



  • Material design with animations
  • Weather
  • Photo gallery and YouTube player
  • Comments
  • Push notifications
  • Google Analytics and AdSense API
  • Share and social media
  • Widget for Android

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